Thursday, October 28, 2010

The wizard of us

Anyone who has ever spent significant time around me will know that I often sing one of several songs, depending on the situation I find myself in or the mood I'm currently enjoying. Many of these songs are Jewish, but there are a few that aren't Jewish. Amazingly enough, they're all from around 1994. I'm not sure why I remember the hit songs from that year's daily bus rides any better than any other year's, but I suppose that is as it is. Not that I remember most of the songs- to the contrary, I generally just know some of the tune and bits of the chorus. But it's enough. These songs are all non-Jewish, but they're all family-friendly (no females), and in a good cause.

Last but not least, here's a cover of "One of us" sung by Prince. I'd put the original up, but I'm morally opposed to giving Joan Osborne any airplay on TRS. Besides, I am a bit of a homeboy.