Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Are you ready?

Two years ago I posted, and today I was once again inspired to post similarly.

The version I recall is:

Before the Rosh was officially Lubavitch he informed his yeshiva hanhala that he'd be in 770 for shavuos, not in Lakewood. They cried, "But matan Torah is in Lakewood!" The Rosh responded, "Yes, but Moshe Rabbeinu is in 770."

The version ex-Mossad recalls is:

The Rosh reponded, "True, but Koballas Hatorah is in 770."
I prefer my version if only for being more radical and in your face. I suppose one could ask the Rosh what he said, but that would ruin the fun. Besides, as studies have shown, memory is bogus.