Friday, September 4, 2009

The fish are still trembling

After yesterday's shocking post I thought it would be a good idea to have a little holiness and other shtuff like that, and what better way than by providing some comments received on that very same post? I wish I could tell you who wrote them, but I can't. Nu nu.

ב'יחידות' של אחד מחשובי המשפיעים אמר הרבי ('מקדש מלך' כרך ד' עמ' שצג):

"..כשנהיה אלול בעולם ("אַז ס'קומט אַ אלול אין וועלט") ולומדים את עניני חודש אלול כפי שנתבארו בחסידות, הרי זהו אלול אחר לגמרי!"

In a "Yechidus" of a distinguished Mashpia, the Rebbe said ("Mikdash Melech", v.4, p.393):

"When Elul "enters" the world, and one learns the concepts of the month as they are elucidated in Chassidus – it's an entirely different Chodesh Elul!.."

(A unique, rare expression from the Rebbe, as are many others in that set – culled from personal letters and diaries of chassidim, many of them first-hand).

Here's another vort I heard recently, actually quite "chassidishe" notwithstanding..

Someone once came to RSZ Auerbach zt"l with a calendar for the upcoming year, to approve and/or edit Halachic issues etc. RSZ perused every page, and didn't comment till the last month Elul. There, was in large letters, a famous "slogan" or "catch-phrase":
תכלה שנה וקללותיה, תחל שנה וברכותיה

RSZ asked, "Nu, du vintshs di klalos shoin fun heint..?!"

(Meaning, It's definitely a true line, but at its time; don't schedule your problems in advance..)


Nosson said...

it's an entirely different Chodesh Elul!.."
Different good or different bad?

I liked the vort with R Auerbach, very well put.

Good shabbos

Mottel said...

Why is it that people have DIBified how we refer to the Rebbe in hebrew by writing " אמר הרבי " and not כ"ק or the like. It annoys me, big time.
Nice vart from RSZ

Anonymous said...

To Big N8t --

Quite clearly, in a good way; Via chassidus, Elul isn't just a "looming threat" to shape up + be good, but a time when the 13 Midos HaRachamim shine (these days are, in ways, holier than Yomim Nora'im), and we aim to reach higher and improve. Etcetera.. Go and learn!

A nice point: The Rebbe quotes a source in a footnote to an elul sicha (Lku"S), that we see this concept of 13 Midos, even almost "practically" - as Hashem's name is written 13 times (!) in "L'Dovid" which we say twice daily throughout Elul..

Modeh B'Miktsas said...

Liked the RSZ Auerbach vort.

Now can someone tell me what a DIB is?

And can someone else -- or even the same person -- tell me why chasidim refer to their rebbes as 'his holiness' isn't it chukas hagoy?

Just like a guy said...

In polite company, "Dear Israeli Brother." In non-polite company, use your imagination for both male and female versions!

e said...

mottel: I agree heartily.

le7 said...

My imagination isn't working. What are the other versions?

Just like a guy said...

For men:

For ladies:

Mottel said...

Dude, you're seeing this now? Let me Google that for you is old news.

Just like a guy said...

A: What's your point?

B: In answer to your question, "No, I'm not seeing this now. I saw it moons ago. Thank you for your concern."

Yitzchak said...

Nu, and the other?