Thursday, September 20, 2007

Slog the Blog

Hello. What is up fellow humans? (If you aren't human, and you're reading this, email me {actually, even if you are human, you can still email me}) We have a second Minyan in Shul these days, consisting of the Cheder kids (none of whom are over Bar Mitzvah) and the people who can't bear to wake up at a decent hour. All right, so that's a bit harsh. Anyway, it's only 45 minutes after the main Minyan, so no one's getting that much more sleep. Of course, every second counts. We all know that. My peeve is one that I've seen written up in every single book on education, and half a million websites and blogs to boot. So why do I feel the need to add my clarion call to the brass of this particular symphony? That was a really good sentence, by the way. Right, so only today did the full enormity of the crime being perpetrated on our children hit me with all the force of a Rabbi Zeilengold speech. OK, that sentence was a bit forced, but what of it?
Oh, right, onto that whole peeve thing. Children should not talk in the middle of Davening. I think we can all agree on that. Adults should also not talk in the middle of Davening. I think we can all agree on that one too. So why do the kids get quieted while the adults chat away, with a careless abandon more worthy of a Sunday school picnic than the communion with the one Almighty G-d that is expected of all the worshipers in our little temple of love. Except that we don't have a Sunday school, which is of course hardly the point. Why should the kids shut their little mouths?
And I understand that the adults are undoubtedly discussing genius of great import. But they're also supposed to be praying, which is undoubtedly slightly more important than your average genius of great import.
Ah yes, you say, the idealism of the young, how touching to see. Gives us all hope for the future, eh? Of course nothing will change. So why bother? Good question.
This is a relatively interesting article. (I'm sorry, blogger's hyperlink thing doesn't seem to be working.)
I hate Al Gore. That was rather harsh. I'm sorry. Let's just say that I'm extremely happy that he didn't become our supreme leader and master. His type will be the first shot when the revolution comes. Perhaps even before, if we're lucky. No, then we'd have to sit through a horrid funeral, and hear praise of his evil work for weeks. Not worth it, trust me. Funny, of the three people who have any slight chance of reading this post, at least one is a big Gore fan. Sorry. Anyone who has neck larger than their brain deserves no sympathy.


Anonymous said...

From LEO D: heartily support your frustration with those who talk in shul. How is one expected to sleep during the rabbi's sermon (or the long dreary parts of the davening when there are no good tunes to belt out in a discordant manner)? (Please note I did not specify which rabbi - this is more of a generic comment although I've seldom met a rabbi whose sermons were worth more than a good few minutes of quiet internal mental revival (sleep to some).