Sunday, September 16, 2007


I was washing the dishes (yes, I'm single) when I had the brilliant idea to write something for the blog. The question was, and remains, I might add, what. As in, what to write. I thought of several topics, but considered them to be so self-evident that it would presumably be a waste of time. And then I thought, but wait, maybe not everybody in the world thinks the same way I do, and therefore what I consider to be obvious isn't actually so. For example, I read an article in out local commie press today about the rising number of atheists in our wonderful little world, and how they are constantly discriminated against. My heart bleeds cold borscht for them. But that is not the point. It never is, is it? The old line, "There are no atheists in foxholes" doesn't do too much for me, because, really, who cares? And you can't prove it, anyway. The only people who come up talking at the end, or at least those who get our attention, are those who find G-d in the trenches. Not that we've had too much trench warfare in the last several wars. A great pity. Sorry, that was my WWI persona taking over. Never forget Agincourt, and all that. Funny, a quick check with wikipedia just revealed that this great battle didn't actually happen in WWI. More like the Hundred Years war. My bad. How 'bout the Somme. No great joy there.

Anyway, as I was saying, there may very well be non-believers in the thousands lining the many battlefields of our lives. Perhaps they were all killed. We'll never know.

What gets me is that people lost their faith because of 9/11. Idiots. The argument is, how could G-d possibly allow so many people to die? Must be he doesn't exist. As I said, idiots. The only way you can ask the question in the first place is if you think G-d exists. Because if he doesn't, then he has no obligation to ensure that bad things don't happen. Once he exists, he becomes responsible. The answer is not, "He doesn't exist." Rather, it's, "How could this happen?" Do I have the answers? Of course not. If I did, I'd be the richest person on planet earth. Perhaps even Mars.

Ah, you say, this guy believes in extra-terrestrial life, eh? (Brilliant segue, eh?). By the by, all that Canada speak is just me gearing up for another successful hockey season. For one team at least. I have no idea which, but I'm sure we'll all know by next July.
Does anyone care if there are aliens? Certainly not yours truly.

Have I enlightened anyone with this post? Probably not. It's not even what I was planning on writing about. Nu Nu. It's funny, I have this instinctive feeling whenever I type a wrong key. Which can be annoying, because blogger doesn't have the greatest response time, so my mistakes come out in excruciating slow motion. All right, a quarter of a second, but that's hardly the point. Then again, nothing is, is it?


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