Friday, April 25, 2008


Not that I enjoy tooting my own horn or anything, but I would like to point out that I got a 7.2 rating on It's not Chaim Rubin's 8.1, but I'll take it. Perhaps he edits his posts. I almost never do, which is something y'all may have noticed. Why not? I'm too lazy. Anyway, I get sick of reading my stuff. Perhaps if I wrote better the first time? Interesting (the faithful ellipsis)... Of course, it's nice to reach 200 posts, but it's unfortunate that I really don't have too much to write on this momentous occasion.

Onto bigger and better things. Actually, they're rather trivial and petty things, but if you write it they will read it, so why not? I've been thinking about updating my user-profile again. All right, this subject goes beyond the trivial and moves over into the "who cares?" part. But still, it's important. Amazing. I just wrote that it's inane and then immediately followed by saying that it's important. What's up with that?
Oh yeah, the user-profile. Who do I put in the "Favorite Music" category? Sure, I just updated it, but there's at least another four or five guys on the edge. MBD, Ohad, Shloime Gertner, Dudu Fisher, 8th Day, and even Yossi Green all have music that I like a lot. But does that mean that they should merit to go on my coveted list? How about Benny Friedman?
Oh, the joy of realizing that what I put up on here makes not the slightest bit of difference to anyone. One of the benefits of putting up names is that it links you to all other bloggers with those names. As is to be expected, most of the Avraham Fried fans are in Brooklyn, while Yosef Karduner seems to have a more eclectic crowd of aging Breslovers. Does the word "aging" not sound very nice? Well, it's true for all of us (I assume), and anyway, it was the only quality I could extrapolate from the group. Some of the people are pretty weird. But then again, everyone looks weird when viewed through the blogger prism. We all have embarrassing secrets that have shaped who we are, and yet are too private to reveal. It's like reading the last chapter of a book first, knowing what happened but not knowing how it all ended up like that. Other people reveal way too much about themselves. Sometimes it's interesting, but usually it's extraneous.
OK, I'll add all those guys to my list of favorite musicians. It can't hurt, right? Besides, for some reason, it makes a blog look more interesting when it has plenty of things on the user-page.
Speaking of music, don't think for a second that I'm not bummed about this whole Sefirah thing. Sure, it happens every year, but it's painful to think that for a month I won't be able to listen to music. I'm not even so sure about the benefits of Lag Baomer, because it's just a teaser. Would it be better to not have any hiatus in six weeks? Possibly. Of course I'm not complaining about the religion or anything. Heaven Forfend. It just seems a little rough, that's all. As for Sefirah music...Don't even get me started. In one of the few good jokes Mendy Pellin made in the last year, he said that they're torturing terrorists in Guantanamo Bay with Sefirah Music. Of course, it's not true, because the US Constitution doesn't allow us to punish people in cruel and unusual ways.


Anonymous said...

not everyone is so zoche to get 8.1 ;-)

Actually I thought mine was very high until I went to the site and saw so many other blogs with 8.5's and 9's.

Just like a guy said...

Oh thanks Chaim, knowing that everyone else got better really makes me feel good. Not that I'm bitter or anything :)