Friday, July 11, 2008

Addendum to Part III: The bright blue waters of the Sea of Galilee

As was mentioned by so many of my wonderful and devoted readers (welcome Yochanan!), I missed out a significant portion of the day's activities, due to exhaustion and bad hand-writing, for both of which I take full responsibility (that was for you, Eliezer).
The hike. The supposed water hike. Our wonderful tour guide Aharon took us up some big hill which was supposed to contain a beautiful waterfall. Unfortunately, it didn't. As I may have yet probably didn't but will rectify now told you (use your imagination), there's a drought in Israel, which has had some unfortunate results. One of these problems is that the only thing gushing out of Israeli geysers at this point is eloquent sentences, but not water. No matter, I sweated enough to make up for any lack of fresh water bathing.
As for Cheerio's seminary experience-well, it's pretty funny, now that I apply my noodle to the subject, but I never realized that Cheerio was in fact of the other gender. I went back and read her previous comments, and now they all make a lot more sense. Why didn't I click on the name and find out before? I guess that's just one of life's unanswerable questions. Anyway, I'm sure Eliezer and Nemo are already typing comments on this, but please, finish reading before you do anything hasty.
Moving right along to the Sea of Galilee cruise. One thing about that word "Sea". It's a put it nicely, which you know I always try to do, not so seaish. Nothing against Israel, but we have these things in America called "The Great Lakes". They're all much larger than the Sea of Galilee. Yes, I know that it's also known as Lake Tiberias, but what's it known as in Hebrew? The Kineret? That's right, no "Lake Kineret" there.
Regardless of my pet peeve, we took a cruise on the water. I thought it would feature a tour guide telling us various stories about the body of water we were traversing. Once we had pulled about fifteen feet from the dock the speakers went on, and MBD began to sing "Moshiach" really loudly. Then Oyv Simches came on and sang several songs. Oh, did I mention that this was a recording? Sorry 'bout that. Most of the guys began to dance. I wasn't in the mood; after all, cruises are supposed to be relaxing, no? I didn't dance. Everyone got over it.
Anything else I missed the first time over? Oh yes, our session with the soldiers. I fell asleep in the middle. My bad.

Now we stand (well, I'm actually sitting while I type, but you get the point) before Parshas Balak. I'm a big fan of this Parsha, because the whole thing is a story. I love Parshas where the whole thing is a story! For a summary of this week's story, go read (see Eliezer, I finally gave 'em a plug). I'll confine my remarks to Balak's feelings. The poor guy pays a famous imprecatist (one who imprecates [I made that one up myself {go ahead, search the almighty Google}]) a lot of money, and all he does is bless! How did Balak feel after this episode? I'd pay a good deal of money to have been able to listen in to his appointments with his psychiatrist. They must have been fascinating.


Eliezer said...

I searched the almighty Google. Apparently someone else made up the word before you.

The Real Shliach said...

You apparently misread. Here's the correct link from Google-

Nemo said...

Yay for, my new cash cow!

Eliezer said...

How is your cash cow?

Nemo said...

I wrote some articles this week.

Elisheva said...

I remember sitting in the Kineret wondering how it compared in size to my Lake Michigan.

Oh yeah. Lake MIchigan is bigger than the entire state of Israel.