Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Firing synapse

Random thoughts upon completing the dishes and laundry from TRS:

Does Merkos Shlichus equal the great American road trip (listen to act two)?

In baseball, what comes around goes around (but as bad as this?)

It really hurts to type after you've been washing dishes for a while and your skin is all ridged and whatnot.

Seriously, if you have the best ballpark (depends who you ask, here or here) in baseball, why must you constantly stink?

Is there any reason why (at last count) eight people had to post that video of that kid on Facebook?

Why couldn't Lipa have cut out two or three songs (Hora Yes Loshon Hora No, Mi Chochom, Meimka D'Lipa [English]) and made some of the others (Ve'anpaha Ne'hirin, Mizmor Lesoda, Ayei) significantly longer?

Why do Tom (what a pic!)and Ray Magliozzi constantly demean themselves so much? Is it some sort of psychological thing?

Sorry, if there's no food by the lchaim I'm not staying.

Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo (what kind of stupid website posts people's addresses and phone numbers?)

So what do you tell the Lubavitch women now?

Having a side table in the living room is actually a really good idea.

Anyone want to sponsor an air conditioner?

Even a fan, we're not picky.

Who knew a book about violins could be so good?

And yes, we're still looking for a good luthier for a little cello fixing.

Do violinists get offended when you call their instruments a "fiddle"?

If you fall asleep while doing Chitas, do you get a prize?

When was the last time the average American dressed classily every day of the year?

Not too shabby.

What kind of a dorky name is "US Men's National Team"? How about something more along the lines of, "La Furia Roja", "A Selecao", "Oranje", "The Three Lions", "Beli Orlovi", "Azzurri", "Selecao das Quinas", Les Bleus", "The Elephants", "The Indomitable Lions", "Danish Dynamite", "El Tri", "La Roja", "The Black Stars", "Super Eagles", "The Fighting Jondas", "La Albirroja", "Zmajceki", "La Celeste", Schweizer Nati", "The Socceroos", "To Piratiko", Bafana Bafana", "Taegeuk Jeonsa", "Nippon Daihyo", Los Catrachos", "Les Fennecs", "Choilima", or "All Whites"? Heck, even "Die Mannschaft" or "La Albiceleste" would be superior. Isn't the US the greatest marketing concern that ever lived?

And seriously, you've heard of Google, I'm not putting hyperlinks there for you.

Camp starts when?!

One last thing- if you want a Farbrengen, you can count on us.


bonne said...

The air conditioner is cheaper than the fan.
Is the book actually good?

Just like a guy said...



Anonymous said...

A lot of homework to read. Thank you. I don't get the end about counting on you guys for a farby...

e said... just publishes whatever was posted on the avodah listserv. If you include your name, address, and phone number on an email to your thousand or so closest friends, you're asking for trouble.

Just like a guy said...

Anon: You got the rest of it?

e: I'm not saying that Romeo isn't an idiot too...

e said...

Romeo? Is that the person whose identity has been compromised?

Just like a guy said...


e said...

Wherefore is his name Romeo?

Just like a guy said...

Poetic license.

Anonymous said...

No. I didn't get the rest of it either. I don't know what it has to do with Elokus.

Just like a guy said...

I figured.

What does what have to do with G-d?

Anonymous said...

the nahrishkeiten you posted about

Just like a guy said...

I told you they were random.

Leibel said...

I know I'm late to the party, but about stinking in great ballparks: you can't leave out PNC.

And Bafana Bafana do indeed rock.

Just like a guy said...


The name or the team?

Leibel said...

Both. everyone thinks so

The Lubavitch connection to the above link comes first at about the 1:00 mark, and then a few times afterwards.

Just like a guy said...

Ahh quite.