Thursday, July 26, 2007

High Falutin' Plans for Wichita!

My my, that title is cheery.

We're planning on going out on Sunday. The wild west is beckoning. No more creature comforts (AC), we're going to ride horses to Wichita. Yeehaw!

OK, not exactly. We're actually going to rent an economy car and go down the highway till we reach beautiful Wichita, at which point we will search for Jews, find some, inspire them beyond their wildest imaginations, and then come home. Simple, huh? But until we actually do anything, I don't have much to write, so, so long.

That didn't come out quite right, did it? The problem with writing is that you can't get the whole verbal inflection and pregnant pause thing going. Let's try it again. So Long. Perfect.