Friday, July 27, 2007

The point is...

This entry may ramble a bit, so excuse me please.

First off: (Drum roll please) The Alter Rebbe, the first Rebbe of Chabad, said that he would have had another fifty thousand followers if he hadn't included the phrase "B'midat Emet Leyaacov" in the Tanya, his seminal book on Chassidic philosophy. Isn't that incredible? He had the chance to have fifty thousand more Chassidim! That's like a sold-out Yankee stadium suddenly becoming Chassidim. It boggles my mind. But why didn't he have those people? Because he insisted on truth. Pure, unadulterated truth.

Batting second, the Chazzan, (if you get the joke, great. If not, sorry) Lipa! The three weeks (and the nine days) have ended (simultaneously, actually)!! I feel as if a cloud has lifted and the sun came out. No more feeling miserable! We can now listen to music, and serve God with joy!

And in the third spot in the order, we have an interesting phrase that came up while in S. Louis. Incidentally, did you know that the Previous Rebbe was in S. Louis? Have I written that already? Well, I certainly intended to. Anyway, I was talking with one of the congregants at Chabad, and I mentioned something about "Bringing us closer to our father in heaven."

He said, "Hey, you sound like a preacher now!"

I replied that no, it is not a Christian thing to talk about our father in heaven, it's actually a very Jewish thing. Avinu Shebashamayim.

Which brings me to the cleanup hitter, the guy who drives in the first three runners with a grand slam (or, knowing my luck, ends the inning with a double-play). Why are we going out looking for Jews? Simply to bring them closer to their father in heaven. That's it. That's the whole reason for people to go out and dedicate their lives. Every penny you donate to Chabad is (hopefully) being spent on spreading forth the wellsprings of Chassidus. Of Judaism for that matter. Same thing, if you think about it.

And lastly, in to close this win and send us all to the showers, I'd like to thank all the people who read this blog, particularly my fellow bloggers (and guys I went to Yeshiva with) in Florida and beyond. I'm honored. No, really. Because, to tell the truth, I'm not reading your blogs. Sorry.

Next time...more stuff