Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sunday morning muse

It's rather annoying to not know what to write about. See, on rovingrabbis, I knew what to write. There was a definite goal, a purpose, that is simply missing with this blog. So perhaps I'll just write about what's going on. Tonight, in Minnesota, there is a concert with Ohad Moskowitz and Benny Friedman. Why does blogger question my spelling of the former singer and not the latter? Does it really matter? Probably not.
Anyway, the concert is in aid of the Yeshiva High School of the Twin Cities. I'm probably going to go there as a Shliach next year. What is that you ask? Good question. I'm having a hard time explaining it myself. I'm neither a teacher nor a student. It's more of an internship. I won't really be teaching (hopefully), but rather learning with the younger guys and inspiring them by providing a good example. I hope to have the same effect on these guys that the Shluchim had on me when I was in Yeshiva. It's a tough job, no doubt, because every move you make is scrutinized. For example, take listening to the music of Matisyahu. I personally don't, but a lot of guys do. If the Bochurim see a Shliach listen, then suddenly it's, "Well, why shouldn't I listen, Shliach A does?" All right, so it's not such a great example, but there certainly are many others. No one is perfect, of course, and perhaps you could accuse me of advocating hypocrisy, but someone has to lead by example.
OK, more later.


Anonymous said...

Let me explain my I never get writer's block. I never write unless I have what to write. I don't think of salient points in order to write. I write because I came up with a salient point. I may not write often, but I always have a point, and I never suffer from writer's block.