Sunday, November 16, 2008

Economize This!

This is the post I wrote a couple nights ago. I'm in a very different mood than I was then, but that's okay.

If there's one thread that runs through history, it's the natural desire to leave for your kids a better world than you inherited. Often this objective isn't achieved, but it is still always sought after. Curiously enough, the world does seem to have run a course of improvement since its inception. Sure, there have been many glitches along the way, but these in general have been short-lived. All right, I'm assuming a lot of highly debatable points to make this premise, but I'm fairly comfortable that my position is highly defendable. This rumination was brought on by a conversation I recently had in which the future was discussed. In short, the future doesn't look to bright. Simply enough, this country is at a crossroads, and we could just as easily go the way of Rome as, well, nothing lasts forever, does it? So is our time up? What if we didn't look at history as leading to some goal, which is the Judeo-Christian-Moslem model, but rather looked at history as leading absolutely nowhere?

At this point I'm sure you're accusing me of trying to reinvent the wheel. I'm sure there is a vast wikipedia article on this very subject, written much better than I could ever hope to aspire to,
and undoubtedly a truly profound treatment of the subject. Unfortunately, I don't have access to wiki right now, more's the pity, so please bear with me as I attempt to do this thing myself.
Essentially, if we tend to no particular path, and manifest destiny is merely a fantasy, then what right do we have to expect anything?In other words, why should my country 'tis of thee have any expectation that it should come out of the current crisis in any better shape than any other country. At the same time, if China, Russia, or the Arab world think it their "time", why should we lend any credence to their fevered imaginings? Someone will rise from the ashes of the USA; will this merely be a blip on our collective American radar, or is this the paradigm shift the pundits have been looking for ever since punditing was invented?

At the end of the day, as a believing Jew, the answer seems to be Moshiach. Can the world get any worse, any lower? At the same time, we've been saying the same thing for 2000 years, and guess what? No dough. Why is now any different? I'm sure the Rebbe asks this question, probably does so many times, and I'm ashamed to admit that I can think of no good answer. Presumably there is a good one, and once the Messiah gets his act together and finally shows up he can explain it all. Until then though, I can make lots of open-ended and minorly depressing posts like this one. Well, hopefully not too many more.

Postscript: You know what's really annoying? The way the monsters over at the DFL are trying to steal the election and install Al Franken as junior idiot from Minnesota. They should all be shot. And yeah, I know that the L-rd of Israel neither sleeps nor slumbers, but sometimes you've got to wonder if He's doing this just to make us righteous ones (clears throat) mad, or what? It's all quite distressing.


Nemo said...

So I was just thinking, you know who would be a great new owner for the defunct Rubashkin plant ... Your buddy from Minnesota, Shmarya Rosenberg. Seriously, think about what he could accomplish ... and he won't have to make all of the Rubashkin's mistakes because he's so thorough in all the relevant regulations.

Leo de Toot said...

Dear Mr. R.S.:
As you have observed one cannot ignore the signs of a major societal change. The events of the last years of the Roman empire are precisely mirrored in the current world. Exaclty as in Rome, even taking into account very different societal norms, there is a marked deterioration of our society - morally, ethically, politically and financially. The barbarians are clearly at the gates - in Roman times it was the goths, visigoths etc, in our time its the arab/moslen world. The arrival of Moshiach remains the only hope - if it is not his time then we are about to enter a new "dark ages." Interesting it was during this time, when Europe was at its worst, that Jewish intellectual life flourished. So perhaps that's the outcome of Chabad outreach - centers of learning in the midst of the new dark age. Chabad Houses as the new monasteries - protecting learning against the forces of darkness.

Seeking light in the gathering darkness - L d Toot.