Thursday, November 6, 2008

Shorter than sweet

I'm sure some of you out there in cyberland think me so crushed by the results of Tuesday's election as to make me incapable of blogging. In fact, last night I had a brilliant post all written and ready to go, but it was raining outside, and since my internet in Morristown is based on my being able to access the great outdoors, I never got to publish it.
Now of course it's three days later, and I'm happy to report that I'm finally able, after nearly two years, to put politics out of my mind. Sure, there's lots of important shtuff going on in the world, and I'm sure it's all quite fascinating, but why should I get involved? And there'll be elections in Israel quite soon, but again, why should I stick my nose in there? No, a little peace and quiet is what I now need. At least, a little peace and quiet from all this election shtuff.

In other news, I started learning Siman 90 today with my Chavrusa. Oh brudder, it's udderly wild!