Sunday, November 11, 2007

How 'bout

Exclusive coverage of the Kinnus can be found on half a dozen websites, but not this one, probably because I'm not actually there. What I can tell you about the Kinus is that Rabbi Mordechai Friedman was very inspired, plus he got the new HASC DVD, which is of course all that really counts. It's a bit of a waste, because who needs a DVD? You watch it once, and then what?
Ah, you want some religion with your fries? Speaking of fries, sometimes I get a big Taavah for fries. Really, it's for salty food. Listen, cookies before Davening, oatmeal for breakfast, and at about 11:30 you just feel the need for some sodium, to course through your veins, leaving a bit of salty sediment behind, bringing gastronomic delight and big credit-card payments to your heart surgeon later on.
Oh, sorry, I got off topic, we were discussing religion weren't we. Oh, by the way, the potato chips were fine.
Today is the first day of the month of Kislev. This is the day when, in 1977, the Rebbe went home for the first time. What does this mean to us? The Rebbe's greatest work happened after his recovery from the heart attack. I just read an article on about Lubavitch, and while it was cute, it wasn't the point. The point was the many comments (well over 100) about Chabad. It's amazing, there is not a single Jew without a strong opinion on our wonderful movement. Either they hate it with a passion bordering on the violently pathological, or they love it with much the same fervor. I guess we're just very inspirational. Well, enough blab for today, but remember, tomorrow is a brand new day, so, if you're lucky, there will be even more blab.


Eliezer said...

My wise mother says that there are three things that make food taste good: salt, sugar and oil. Your pre-chassidus cake will take care of sugar, but for oil and salt you need French fries.