Sunday, November 4, 2007

Moving right along

A quick response to the latest comment, regarding the second story on my previous post "bears". Essentially he was just filling in some background info, and all I'd like to add to the comment is that I faithfully transmitted the story as I heard it.
Anyway, I had a nice Shabbos. Have you ever learned a Maamar and had no idea what is said? Sometimes it's because the Maamar is so profound, one's head is swimming. Sometimes the Maamar is simply unintelligible, in which case, well, I guess, you simply don't get it. The second to last Maamar is this week's Torah Ohr (Alter Rebbe) was a clear example of the latter type. Normally I'm happy to get seventy percent of a Maamar in this Sefer, and even fifty percent is acceptable. But this one? First a little background on this particular bit. The Alter Rebbe said many Maamarim, and a certain amount of them were compiled, with annotations, by his grandson, the Tzemach Tzedek, the third Rebbe of Lubavitch. This Maamar that I'm referring to is the same as the previous one in the Sefer, it's just transcribed as the Alter Rebbe said it, without notes or explanations. And man, is it impossible. I truly don't get how the Chassidim understood it. All right, so they were about four billion times smarter than me.
What else? Um...
That would appear to be all that's on my mind now, so I'll say sonora 'till next time. Or I'll type it. Whatever.


e said...

I was looking at some old posts, and I noticed that this used to not be a holy-roller-I-only-post-sichos-and-mamorim blog. It used to contain some rambling and other such junk. can we maybe raise the shtus content of the blog?