Monday, November 12, 2007

The second day

There's an old song about X-mas that I won't be transcribing now, but it kind of fits this month. Every day is chock full of religious goodness. For example, today is the second of Kislev, renowned in Chassidic circles as the day when the Sefarim which had been stolen from the Rebbe's library were returned. Not all of them mind you; as far as I know there are at least three which were never returned. But all in all, a glorious day. It's also famous because the Rebbe screamed at the hundreds who were thronged around 770 waiting for the Sefarim to appear. Why did the Rebbe get upset? Because the people had such great love for the Rebbe, and wanted to share in his joy? Probably not. More like they were wasting valuable time, which is of course the exact opposite of what the Rebbe wants. There is nothing worse in Judaism than wasting time. It's a precious commodity that can never be returned. I'm sorry that this blog has been reduced to platitudes. You know, it's tough to keep up the humor for any length of time. There'll be two weeks where it'll flow like Mashke, and then three weeks where it's like pulling teeth out of a recalcitrant lion. You know, at least lions provide some entertainment. Writing humor is tough. Perhaps I, like the late-night talk-show people, should get some writers. Brilliant idea, no? Almost as smart as Edison's.


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And why were you writing this during seder?

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