Sunday, March 23, 2008

Purim is Purim, not Easter

You know why I can't stand Christians? No one closes their optical stores on Yom Kippur or Tu B'Shvat, but on Easter? So some crucified guy gets resurrected; does that mean I have to suffer?
Anyway, it was really nice to hear from some of my loyal readers over Purim about what they like and dislike about the blog. For example, some people don't like the fact that I'm not married. Those people are fortunately in a minority. Those of us who were in YOEC for Purim 5765 know what the title of today's entry is all about. All others can justifiably complain that I am often remiss in explaining what exactly is going through my mind. In answer to your question, I'd just like to preface that sometimes it's impossible to fully describe a scene. Just imagine, an entire Yeshiva crowded into a relatively small apartment, listening to the Rosh and one of his Shluchim going head to head about the meaning of Purim. Shmuelie Gourarie said that, "Purim isn't Megillah, or Mishloach Manos, or Yom Kippur, or anything else: Purim is Purim!" Once you've heard Shmuelie say this four or five hundred times a person begins to feel that 1. he's probably right, and 2. would he please shut up now, I have a headache.
And as for Purim in YHSTC? It was fun. We danced, sang, drank, cried, did some stupid things (like break TRS's glasses), and in many other respects treated the day as it is supposed to be treated. Incredibly enough, and here the story gets really strange, life continued on the same as before! Hardly believable? Yes. The truth? Possibly. Perhaps a little later, when I can actually see, I'll have more for you.