Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Truth in advertising

Now is the time for all good men to stand up and be counted. In connection with this important dictum, I recently had a lengthy phone call with a close friend of mine. It segued nicely between topics, and the one which dominated most of our talking was the subject of happiness. We came to the conclusion that all is void, and decided to end it all in a spectacular fireworks display later this month in Cancun. Only thing is, we don't have the money, so it might have to be scaled down.
Actually, of course I'm kidding. What's life if you can't joke around a bit or something? The point of mankind in general, and the Jewish nation in particular, is to make a dwelling place for G-d down here. This is truly the only justification for anyone's continued existence on this green earth of ours. Otherwise, what is the point exactly? Pleasure it surely ain't. Though most of us spend our lives pursuing pleasure, it's pretty fleeting anyway. Dennis Prager would have it that goodness is what we should all be seeking, but even this is, well, possibly true in some way or other. What's the point of life? To be remembered in the future? The easiest way of doing that is to found a major world religion, commit a truly horrific crime (possibly the same thing), or become monarch of a major world power. Truth is that there is no guarantee of immortalization. So the point of living isn't remembrance in the future. And pleasure now? Vapid. Heck, serving G-d because you want eternal paradise is also meaningless. Is that all you are, a bundle of cells that demand bliss at every moment? Wake up and smell the coffee buddy, you're here because. In what manner that "because" manifests itself is between you and your pet cat.
In other news, I'm happy to report that last night while I was walking home from Yeshiva it smelled like spring. It's such a difficult sensation to pin down, because I'm not exactly sure what the symptoms are. Be that as it may, spring has decidedly sprung and now we can all rejoice in the May flowers. Oh, it's only March? More snow is expected? Bah, humbug!


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