Monday, March 31, 2008

The strange

Life is pretty strange. I think I may have mentioned that once or twice before. For example, it's snowing now. Who wants snow on the thirty-first day of March? Isn't it odd that the weather is behaving in a manner that is contrary to most people's wishes? When I say that life is pretty strange, this is the kind of behavior I'm referring to. You want another example? I'll give you another example. You know, that's what we're all about here; making people happy. Yesterday, as I mentioned, I gave a nice amount of charity ($40-$50) to some poor Yerushalmis. Today I called up Bank of America to inquire about my overdraft ($40) and guess what? It's not there anymore! Isn't that great? Isn't G-d great? If I was only Arab, I would be shooting my Kalashnikov into the air now and wounding some innocent bystanders. As it is, I'm Caucasian, so I'm celebrating with some seltzer.

Some people think that using the same basic set of words constantly is a bad idea. I'm one of those people. It really bothers me to no end, not the least because I find it irritating when I read repetitive shtuff. Sure, the thoughts contained therein may be different, but their expression, through words, is just as important as the ideas themselves. Of course, badly written genius is better than eloquent stupidity. Still, I would love the ability to smoothly write the biggest idiocy and have it sound great. Yeah, the genius bit would be nice too, and the truth is I'd take either. Instead though I'm muddling around somewhere in the middle, bereft of the benefits of the big lie, without the elegance of the cannabis induced brain flash.
You liked that, eh? But it's really true. Oh, sorry, my pretension alarm just went off, I'll have to stop acting like I know something and instead get down to brass tactics, as the Rosh often says.


MoJo Hoffman said...

One question, dear, how would you know that badly written genius is better than eloquent stupidity? In fact, I find myself deeply enjoying your blog. So it would seem, according to your proclamation, that what I am reading is eloquent stupidity. Smoke a joint, read my comment again, count to 10 backwards (I'll give you a hint, the one after 10 is 9) and it should make more sense.


The Real Shliach said...

It's druggie comments like MoJo's which keep my writing, even if it is on occasion brilliantly moronic. As for the hugs and kisses...Isn't that what you got a wife for?

Anonymous said...

i trust that hoffman (why anyone would willingly call themselves mojo scares me) doesnt actually have a wife, for if he did, your reply to his comment would doubly inappropriate. Regardless, i assume you will delete this comment and yours after reading this.
with love, but no hugs or kisses,
i cant sign my name

The Real Shliach said...

Trust is a terrible thing to waste, isn't it? Assumptions are even worse, especially when they're wrong. As you see, everything's staying up here for all the world to see.

cheerio said...

now if only that tzedaka thing worked with all forms of owed money... doing taxes would be easier