Wednesday, February 27, 2008

As I was saying...

Hershel Tzig recently wrote that he too has writer's block. Poor guy. I sympathize. In fact, I was planning on writing some poetry today, and I sincerely hope that you enjoy it. Here goes:

Lipa was singing
A song that was beautiful
but also happened to be goyish
the rabbonim banned him
the gedolim slammed him
and now he's learning orange

The Lipa story was
quite boring
we moved on

We started moving along
the democrats joined us
strange times, eh?

So we got onto Chassidus
according to Matisyahu it's really deep
so deep he fell in and can't get out

Speaking of Matisyahu
writing, actually,
it's nice to hear he's still alive

No, really,
even though he dumped Lubavitch
for some screamers and potheads
i hope he finds his true calling

What, frying squirrels is not
a true calling?
How 'bout boilin 'em

Obviously that's not Kosher
but then again, neither is
kolko, which didn't stop lipa
the other one

Of course... Would a TRS production
be complete without some words on ellipsis?
How does one make those plural?

Grammarians are a lot of fun
especially when they are done
after work they do party
and sometimes even flit from tree to tree

The time has come
to end this soon
as soon as my internet works again

but until then
'till the soon is as soon as soon should be
you'll have to put up with some more

If you would glorify it with that label


e said...

Add some music, and you've got a ready made Marcus song!

e said...


Just like a guy said...


Anonymous said...

Mr. Shaliach
How do you do -

I mean create such

When all around


le7 said...

Thanks to the tags you recently added to your blog, I found this piece and was inspired.

Or should I say inspired?


e said...

So which was is it? Are you inspired or are you inspired?

le7 said...

I think I should say inspired.

e said...

Ummm. Actually, I don't know what you're talking about. Perhaps the inflection isn't coming across properly.

le7 said...

Does anyone ever?

I, for one, never know.

Just like a guy said...

Essentially, you're inspired, but not by the piece itself, by the etzem fact.
And I'm glad that someone appreciates all this hard work I'm doing labeling, because contrary to public opinion, it is hard work. Hopefully tonight I should be finished with it.