Friday, February 29, 2008

Safest bets are smartest bets

So I said I was going to Detroit. In the end, I didn't go, because of factors beyond my control. Yup, G-d has struck again, this time in the form of (cue the drum roll here please) The Weather. Yes that nemesis of all that is right and righteous (was that a tautological redundancy right there?) struck the forces of good, goodness, and the pursuit of various other things.
See, A. Winter weather, plus B. Notoriously unsafe 15 Passenger Van, plus C. Even more notorious, if that's possible, very young drivers makes for a toxic cocktail that tastes worse than a screwdriver made with ethanol. Then I figured that I'd look for a ticket, on an aeroplane, (and why does spellcheck not like that), but aside from the high cost it seemed likely that there'd be delays and various other forms of fun, so I decided to I'd skip this one.
Anyway, it does mean that I'll get to spend another Shabbos in my beloved Cottage Grove. Whoever thought they'd see me write that, eh?