Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Now the point

As you probably read already, today is my birthday, so I think we'll all celebrate by writing the top ten reasons not to vote for Barack Obama.
1. He's a Democrat (that one was obvious).
2. There's no substance behind his rhetoric.
3. He's developed a cult.
4. There's only one messiah, and he sure ain't a Christian.
5. He's surrounded himself with advisors who want to see the end of Israel and the destruction of world Jewry.
6. He opposes the war in Iraq.
7. Seriously, why would anyone want to abandon our commitments?
8. A President with the name Hussein?
9. Oprah likes him.
10. Your vote might make him win.

Am I being very nice here? Fine, so maybe not, but this guy is seriously scary. No other candidate that I can remember has ever had such a great chance of winning and such a lack of substance. Would Dole, Gore, Dukakis, or Kerry have been so bad? Probably not. Nothing would've changed in this country. But with Obama? Bad things will happen. The country will begin to demand healthcare, taxed will rise like nothings ever risen before, and I might even have to leave the country and go to California. Wouldn't that be fun?


Anonymous said...

I just found your blog.
Being a swedish christian woman (you know about the swedes? We´re not supposed to be religious at all, and we´re supposed to be nearer the left wing than the right. Pinkies)
I love it. Especially #4.
I salute you!

Just like a guy said...

lol. thanks!

e said...

hey anon! i don't get it. you think that the Messiah isn't Christian?