Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Addendum to the one below this one...

Life is a weird little thing. Sometimes it's so weird that you can't even write about it. I had a lot of ideas for tonight, but unfortunately I can't write about most of them. So instead I was going to give y'all some pretty bad poetry. Then accusations started to fly, and I banged out a whole reply in thirty seconds. Sure, it was brilliant, but I did miss some important information. For example, it was in fact SZB who was wrongly maligned. And in fact, it was Cheerio who twisted the facts beyond all recognition. But don't take my word, go read the transcript. So yes, it's time to acknowledge that we are all in fact deeply interested in Nemo's every move, and we have no idea what e's hair color is (well, I do, but that's not important). Of course, no one was referring to e, but he seems to like the attention, and who am I to stop him?

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, here's some of the regularly scheduled programming...

Oh well, I suppose that such is the way the angel food cake with seven minute frosting does or does not crumble. Meanwhile, in other news, I started on the real meat today in Chullin. Yes, it's time for the endless polemics about drops of milk spilling on meat, and other good shtuff like that.
I don't want to bore you with this now, since I'll probably be boring you with it later in the year, so how about a little fun and games? That's right folks, it's time for poetry!

Here I stand
More accurately sit
surveying my computer screen
my fingers type
my teeth bite
a delicious beef spleen
still, if it's not too much to ask
I'd much rather have
a container of Boston baked beans

You liked that? Maybe I should try something sentimental this time? Of course, anything to do with food is sentimental. So we'll go for soppy then.

The drink
does sop
Quite unfortunate
don't you know
A nice Chablis would be better


Unknown said...

Oy, what have we come to?

Unknown said...

Or rathe', what did I stumble upon at this late hour?

Just like a guy said...

Is there a problem?

Cheerio said...

i feel wrongly accused! i was just confused! no need to attack, i take it all back, and wish you much luck, at that!
(how's that for a little poetry!)

Just like a guy said...

Normally I wouldn't accept this half-hearted defense, but it's Elul, and I'm in a generous mood.

Anonymous said...

What does Elul have to do with generosity?

Unknown said...

Trs- Um ya. Me thinks there is a problem with the poetry....

s.z.b.- Prehaps cuz of Elul he got an isarusa dilailo...(Does that even make sense?)

Just like a guy said...

SZB: It's Elul, and I want G-d to forgive me like I have forgiven Cheerio.

Cee: What's wrong with the poetry? Is it not the height of brilliance?

Anonymous said...

Cee, Elul is the time of arousal from below...if you know what i mean.

TRS, really, is that how you want G-d to forgive you?

Just like a guy said...

Sure. She didn't really mean to do anything, or so she says, and I magnanimously grant pardon. By me, when I sin, I don't really mean to do it, or I say I don't, and G-d magnanimously grants me pardon.

Anonymous said...

Okay so s.z.b,
ELUL was the arousal from above to move TRS to do his generosity down below.