Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Shameless partisanship on a stick

It's really sickening that I've been so greatly affected by a couple of speeches at a political convention. Rudy Guiliani, Mike Huckabee, and Sarah Palin gave some great speeches tonight. It really pains me greatly that I have nothing snarky to say here. Still, I think that one woman's speech last night trumped all these, and will probably be a better speech than any we hear in the future. I'm talking about Laura Bush's speech. It's got to be really tough for her, to know that she won't be first lady in a few months, and that whoever replaces her will be married to a man who is a lot more popular than her husband is. And she stood by her man and told the world why she still thinks he's great, a position that I agree with. You think his presidency was a failure? Are you kidding me? First of all, in 2000, I took on my entire class, and my social-studies teacher, and won. If Bush had not triumphed in Florida, who knows where I'd be now? The man provided many hours of humor, and even saved a bunch of people in Africa, which I suppose is a good thing. It's a pity that I have yet to find a transcript of the speech, but here's a video. Watch it. You may find yourself thanking our President for a job well done.

All right, the partisanship is killing me right now. Is this the same TRS who attended a Barack Obama speech in the House that Norm Built? Has the humor which I pretend to totally been swept aside by the soaring eloquence of a few hack politicians who are desperately trying to stay relevant in the next four years by asserting their place at the GOP table now? These are questions I ask you.
Meanwhile, last night I had a request to explain what exactly I meant when I said that this was how the west was won. At the time I was merely referencing a popular, and rather ancient, movie, but now I suppose the time has come to defend my proposition and show that not all I say is entirely meaningless and without merit.
The west was won by community organizing, voting present at the state senate, and writing memoirs. No seriously, it was won by sitting in a prison in Vietnam for five years and banning people from taking other people's money to run roughshod over other people in elections. Oh yeah, and he also put thousands more of Americas troops in harm's way, despite the counseling of virtually everyone, and somehow managed to come out looking like a genius.
Oh man, I just can't seem to shake this GOP thing I got going now.
And some might even say that that's a good thing.


Nemo said...

"It's got to be really tough for her, to know that she won't be first lady in a few months, and that whoever replaces her will be married to a man who is a lot more popular than her husband is."

If little old Jewish ladies in Florida have anything to say about it, Hillary might still win. The question then would be if Bill is more popular the GeeDubya.

Just like a guy said...

I think there's very little chance of Hillary winning, no matter what the Jews say. And the question was not if Bill would be more popular than George W. Bush, and he undoubtedly would be, but if Hillary would be more popular, and the answer to that is ditto.

Cheerio said...

it's time for the west to revolt! i've been waiting for years for california to secede from the union - or at least berkeley. People's Republic of Berkeley! WOOHOO!
(just to counteract that GOP thing for ya. oh darn. now that accent is stuck in my head.)
nemo - its good to see you're not too busy for some old friends ;)

Just like a guy said...

Would anyone miss California, or at least Berkeley?