Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Great joy

Tonight I finally had the singular pleasure of meeting the editor face to face. But first, I plunked down 105 dollars on Sefarim at Kehos. Worth it? I certainly hope so. The question is, what's their profit margin on a 50% sale? Zero? If so, then their profit at full price is 100%. Does this seem right to anyone? Or perhaps they lose money on Hey Teves. This I could stomach.
All right, so back to the editor. We met in 770, and then went upstairs for an exclusive tour of the home of . There I got to see Gefilte P. Fish. I know what you're thinking-did I kidnap him for a multi-million dollar ransom? The answer is sadly no. You see, I have some moral scruples left in this little world of mine, and I would hate to lose them over something as trifling as this petty little crime. I'm a big believer in hoarding one's scruples for as much time as necessary, thereby allowing them to increase in value until such time as there value will exceed the moral imperative governing them, at which point one can give them up with ease. Ahh, there's nothing like convolution, eh?
Point is, a nice chat with the Editor, including a brief reminiscence about the good old days of
Until next time then folks, so long, and remember, only time never ends up telling.


e said...

I think I remember that. we met in the shul in 770 and then went upstairs, no?

Just like a guy said...