Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Rifyon

Never, and I mean never, tell people anything that they're not prepared to hear. Unless, of course, you want to be exceedingly successful at what you do. What brings this on you ask? Good question. Firstly, I got less than 1.5 hours sleep last night, which meant that I slept the whole flight, missing out on the soda (dang!) and consequently causing the second annoyance, which is that my back hurts from sleeping awkwardly. Thirdly, I've discovered that the state of California, where I spent two wonderful years of Yeshiva, allows those who have not attended law school to take the bar exam. That's why it's the hardest test in the country. But what of it? Even in Minnesota, where I'm currently spending a wonderful year in Yeshiva, allows one to take the test after just one year in law school. Oh, and if any of these facts are wrong, don't blame me. I'm not interested.
Did I mention that I'm seriously tired? So I think I'll be signing off now.


e said...

What's up with this rifyon business?

Just like a guy said...

When you remember a good word you like to use it.