Monday, December 3, 2007

Now it starts

It's so funny. Weird. Strange. Odd. Not only has my usually fertile mind run out of more superlatives, but I just don't feel that Chanuka is coming. Tomorrow night. Crazy, isn't it? Usually I anticipate the holiday for weeks on end, but now? Nothing. The scary thing is that I could wake up up on the seventh night and realize that, "Oh! Chanuka's over. Dang." That would be pretty disappointing. And it's funny, because I've learned more Maamarim and Sichos about Chanuka than ever before, hoping to force some excitement. Perhaps I'm all Chanuka'd out. Who knows?
Anyway, the good news is that I've finally discovered the secret to long life, everlasting success, and gobs of cash. But you'll have to send me a money order for three thousand dollars to find it out. Oh yes, and your Nigerian bank account number.


Eliezer said...

Of course you don't feel that Chanukah's coming. After learning all those sichos and maamrim, and thinking all about the significance of Chanukah, how are you supposed to FEEL? Too much thinking can squash all feelings. After analyzing Chanukah so much, what are you supposed to feel?

Anonymous said...

i just read this post and, mysteriously, I thought of writing exactly what Eliezer did. Is that a strange coincidence or what?

The Real Shliach said...

Yup, some people never grow older.