Friday, December 21, 2007

Weekend Edition

We had another Farbrengen with our fearless leader and all-round good guy on Thursday night. First he spoke about the Parsha, and the Rebbe's famous Sicha re: Yosef, Binyamin, the crying, etc. The point is, of course, that instead of crying about your own problems you have to fix them. Sometimes, of course, the solution is to cry. But that's the only time when it's acceptable. Otherwise there are no excuses for just giving up.
I have a pet theory. I've tried it out a couple times, but so far the results haven't been too tremendous. My theory is that if one Jew would ever do one Mitzvah perfectly then Moshiach would come. Personally, I know that I've never actually given my all; that I have never done everything in my power to accomplish something. Does this mean that I've never accomplished anything? Obviously not.
Has anyone ever done their utmost? Is that for me to decide? But I still think that all of us have that little voice inside that says, "You could do a little more." Some people will look at this and say, "oh, that's depressing." This is not the right way to think. The right way is to realize that this means that you, every Jew, has the power to bring Moshiach. Just give it all you got, just once, and see what'll happen. I guarantee you won't be disappointed.
Truth is, I could be wrong about this. For example, someone said to me, "Are you saying that the Rebbe didn't do all he could do?" I replied that it wasn't for me to decide, but that I did remember seeing somewhere that if one Tzaddik would do complete Teshuva, then Moshiach would come. Ahh, so the Rebbe said he had done all he could, and now it was up to us? Go ask a Rabbi.