Thursday, December 20, 2007

So it continues...

Tonight is the birthday of friend and fellow Shliach Shlomo Goldin. I just thought you might want to know that. In other news, I'm glad to see that people have started voting in the most recent poll. Tongue and corned beef are the early leaders. Whatever possessed anyone to vote for bologna? The stuff is disgusting. At least in my own humble opinion. Just don't invite me to your house for deli. Please. And what about pastrami people? Have you lost sight of all that is righteous and good in Judaism? Salami of course is only palatable in fried form, preferably with an omelette. Don't try this with turkey roll by the way. When I was starving in Yeshiva in Los Angeles we once fried up forty pieces of turkey roll. It was nasty.
To segue nicely into a little Torah, for the benefit of the editor, I'd just like to relate a beautiful little thing that Our Fearless Leader, fresh off conquering the wilds of New York, related as a sort of introduction to welcome the students back to the friendly confines of our beautiful little campus set here in the picturesque (I can't believe I spelled that right on the first try:) countryside of Cottage Grove, Minnesota. Wow, what a sentence. Almost makes me wish for an editor again. Oh yes, the promised Torah thought.
When people ask why they should follow the Torah, their excuse usually is, "I don't understand it." The answer to this is, "Well Duh! Of course you don't understand it! Your intellect is finite. G-d's intellect is infinite. The finite, by definition, can never grasp the infinite."
The problem comes when people have faith but they don't act on it. The answer? They must be crushed. If you have any problems with this doctrine, just learn the final Maamar that the Rebbe gave out. But don't worry, the exile is taking care of it. Until now. Because now is Moshiach.