Sunday, January 20, 2008

Introspective Shtuff

Tonight is my birthday. Tonight I am 21. Tonight I'm really tired and don't really feel like blogging. But I'll do it anyway, because I'm so loyal to you, my audience. You're welcome.
A relative of mine, who shall remain nameless until he begins to read this blog regularly, said that I should be careful with what I write here, because some girl is going to go on a Shidduch date with me, use that great invention known as google, and come up with this blog. A little more searching may just turn up some shtuff that I perhaps might not want a girl I was dating to read, VD"L. So I answered him, "You know what? If a girl doesn't like what I write, then I don't want to marry her." He answered, "What if her mother reads it?" to which I had no answer.
Now of course there are certain aspects of my personality, perhaps many aspects of my personality, that I readily admit are not perhaps the greatest aspects of all time. Contrary to many people's opinion, I am not in fact perfect. Sorry to disappointment you. What I'm trying to say here is that the opinions on this blog are opinions which I am not embarrassed to have broadcast publicly. I've said many dumb things in my life, many things which I don't want my wife, and certainly not my mother-in-law reading, but they weren't put out for all the world to hear. I've self-censored myself a lot on this blog. For example, I wrote a whole thingie tonight about the girls of easy virtue in Crown Heights, but then I decided that it really wasn't consistent with what I want the world to be reading. Knowledge is powerful, and it's also dangerous. A week ago I was planning on blogging about a serious issue in my community, but decided that it was really none of my business. Would it have been popular? Sure. Would it be the right thing to do? Probably not. So I didn't.
Anyway, sorry for being so pretentious here. Birthdays tend to make me thoughtful, and to get me out of my normal position in life as a wannabe letz.
I wrote at the beginning of this blog that I really didn't feel like blogging, and I guess it showed. Oh well, these things happen.


Anonymous said...

A. Happy Birthday. May your year be filled with things that only you fill it with.

2. What happened in your community? Come on! Tell us!

D. You cannot predict now how you will think once you're married. Sound crazy? Time will tell.

Just like a guy said...

A. Thanks.
2. You're not a Maven?
D. I completely agree that I won't think the same way once I get married. Unless of course married tomorrow, which believe you me I am not planning on doing. Still though, I would hope that I some things about me are similar.

Anonymous said...

you had better shut up before you put yout foot in your mouth listen say something intresting for a change that has NOTHING TO DO WITH girls even though i know it will be very very hard

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Real Shaliach:
The answer to your relative's quesiton is easy: you are not marrying the girl's mother. The only value of knowing the girl's mother was summed up very well by Oscar Wilde who said "the trouble with girls is that they grow up like their mothers ..." - very wise words, so before you decide to marry a certain girl, check out her mother. In the interests of fairness Oscar Wilde also said, as the second part of the above "... the trouble with men is they don't." This was just Oscar being funny so you can ignore the second part of his statement. By the way, happy birthday - (Oscar Wilde probably said something witty about birthdays, but I'm not sure what). So, blog away - if some girl cannot appreciate your wit, wisdom and winning smile, she's just not worth the effort! L. de Toot.

e said...

All you anonymous posters:

Quit hiding behind the veil of anonymity, and put yourself behind your words!!!

e said...

BTW, TRS did blog about shtuff other than girls a few times

e said...
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