Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Into the fray

Did you think that The Real Shliach would remain silent for very long? Yes my friends, the time has now come to jump into the fray created by Belsky and dealt with by many, including Shmais, Chaim Rubin, and Hershel Tzig. Am I a little late? Sure, but that's okay, right? Before I even get into the "Lubavitch" part, how about this beautiful quote from Belsky, "Should we denigrate them because they insist on wearing a knitted Yarmulke?" He's referring to Modern Orthodox types, as personified by the Bochurim of Merkaz Harav.
You ready for a rant? Perfect.
What in the world is he talking about? Denigrating someone for wearing a piece of clothing that he doesn't approve of? I understand that he's against looking down on them for this, but the very fact that he has to say it shows that he thinks it inappropriate to wear a knit Kippah. Where does he have the Chutzpah to presume that his style of Yarmulkeh is any better than anyone else's? Does it say anywhere that a black velvet Yarmulkeh should be worn? Does it say anywhere in the Torah that a Yarmulkeh in general should be born? Of course not. Many Frum Sephardim don't even normally wear one. Belsky's problem is that he thinks that his way is the only way, and everyone else is only fit to burn in hell.
In another part of the article come Belsky's famous words against Lubavitch. I'm not going to answer his accusations, because it's been done already. What I am going to say is that I'm not offended when people curse out Chabad. People have been doing it ever since Chabad was founded; it's like anti-semitism, it's just one of those things that you have to deal with. To get mad it about though? Does that accomplish anything? Of course not.
The only thing gets me angry is that Belsky, and the rest of the Rabbis interviewed here, are so full of themselves. Am I full of myself? Sure, but I'm not the leader of a major community. My opinion doesn't count, whereas these Rabbis' certainly does. Did the Rebbe ever denigrate anyone for being different? Not as far as I know. In fact, the Rebbe encouraged people to keep their traditions and their unique ways of life.
I've always felt good knowing that I wasn't Chareidi, that I didn't have to look down on other Jews because I felt better than them.

Was all the above not so well thought out? Sorry. These things happen.


Chaim said...

Very well said!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Real Shliach: as is often the case, personalities intrude on issues of intellectual and philosophical debate. What is most tragic is that matters of importance (e.g. the status of the Rebbe, what defines/determines moshiah) instead of being discussed and debated in a manner that would help those of us without the necessary background to understand the issues, degenerate into an hysterical series of ad hominem attacks (look it up!) that benefit no one. Sadly yours, L de Toot.

Anonymous said...

Hey leo do Toot,

Check out the N'shei Newsletter editorial about excess verbiage! (It was discussed on TRS a while back)

The Grobbe Behaime said...

As always our great friend TRS jumping in to help the ignorant and destitute who are so dumb they don't even KNOW that they were cursed out by some old dumb geezer. I would just like to add that I have great admiration for the Kippah sruga community for never even buying the retarded newspaper and thereby not having to suffer through all the stupidity that graces its pages week in week out. The Crown Heights community should not be boycotting the magazine because of its psycho comments they should not carry it just like we hope they won't carry any other of the stupid and filthy magazines out there on the street. Actually I feel like blogging about that now, maybe I will. In 383 Kingston they carry ONLY WOMENS MAGAZINES. THE LATEST CONTROVERSIES IN THE CHABAD WORLD VISIT WWW.THEGROBBEBEHAIME.BLOGSPOT.COM

Just like a guy said...

Aww, thanks for your comments everybody. It's good to hear from you TGB.

Lucky Wolf said...

I understand your disappointment but i think it’s much classier to write “Rabbi” preceding the “Belsky”.

Just like a guy said...

Lucky Wolf, you're probably right...see today's (may 8) post for my response