Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A highly parenthesized Mazel Tov

Chony Milecki walked by and I said, "Hey, long time no see!" He responded with similar salutations, and then mentioned my misspelling of his name in last night's post. I just hope he doesn't think I'm stalking him or something.

Of course you're all wondering, is TRS stalking these music people? And of course the answer is that I'm not. It's not my fault that we keep on running into each other. You see, I had a wedding to go to tonight, and wonder of wonders miracle of miracles I had a ride to it. Robbins to Adler. Let me guess-I spelled something wrong. So sue me. What's my connection to these fine and upstanding people? Well, Mrs. Robbins was my teacher in preschool in Milwaukee, and Rabbi Robbins educated me in first and second grade, also in Milwaukee. That was in the days when the school was called Hillel Academy. Nowadays they call it "The Academy". Now listen here, I love the shmotkins with all my heart and all my soul (even if I do come from Mequon) but I really really really don't like anything with a name like "The Academy". It's so pretentious! Be that as it may, I have heard that Lubavitch of Wisconsin (COW would have been so apropos!) saved the school from certain demise, and for that they must be praised.

Moving right along, I was best friends with the Robbins twins until third grade, and they used to stay by us all the time (or so the TRS memory would have it) so I had ample reason to attend. I haven't even mentioned that I had a most delightful conversation with Yankel (the chassan) about a week and a bit ago, and he is the roommate (was by now) of several friends of mine, so yeah, it was fun.

Oh, you want to know about the actual wedding? No problem. I arrived at 8:30, said a lchaim or two with he who thinks letters, ate a plate (that's weird), and waited for the pictures to end and the dancing to begin. Over an hour later that actually happened, and I got to demonstrate my disregard for social convention and do my own thing in the undulating line. My theory is that if you think you look good while you're busting out dance moves then everyone else will think you do too. I sure hope they're right.

After the first dance I had a nice half hour conversation with Bill and Laura (Zev and, um, Ora?) in which many affairs of state were discussed. We very nearly committed a couple of faux pas (actually, we almost certainly did one but hopefully we escaped another), but all in all our discussion about directions to the ohel went unhindered (in the interests of full disclosure I have no idea how to get there).

It was also nice to see e, who used to complain vociferously about my overuse of parenthetical comments. Whoops. Oh yeah, and Chony played really well. But would you expect anything else from a consummate professional?


le7 said...

For once I know all the people in your post.

That's Zev Aryeh and Ora Brocha to you.

Anonymous said...

TRS: why do you rant on about things no one has any interest in hearing about?

e said...

I complain vociferously? I merely constructively criticized that people might read your blog more if you actually said something noteworthy.

Just like a guy said...

le7: now I know
Anon: rant? Who is ranting? And if you're not interested then why are you reading?
e: noteworthy does not equal parentheses

Cheerio said...

i think TRS should propose a new column to Nshei - the Wedding Review. they should pay him to attend weddings, and review and rate them.
The food, the music, the quality of the dancing... all that important stuff, yknow?

bonne said...

please! think of all the pressure that would ensue!

Just like a guy said...

Cheerio: sounds good. I could do with a job
Sara: it's the spirit that counts, not the money.

e said...

whatever. Point is, when did I complain vociferously about parenthetical comments?

Just like a guy said...

I don't recall exactly when, but I do remember it happening.