Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Perambulating it wasn't

I know that everyone is particularly fascinated by every detail of my life, and I'd therefore like to quench my dear readerships' thirst for knowledge of myself with a list of every single song I listened to this Lag B'Omer. Impressive? Yes.

Some of these I selected, and some just came up in shuffle, so don't get all worried.

All right, Here we go:

MBD's Ich Hob Gewart (Title song)--
MBD's Helle (Ich Hob Gewart)--
MBD's Hiney (Ich Hob Gewart)--
MBD's Vayechulu (Ich Hob Gewart)--

Did everyone enjoy last night's farbrengen? I would have enjoyed it more if I had known what he was saying, but these things can rarely be helped.

Yisroel Werdyger's Emor (Bayis Neeman B'Yisrael)--
Zeh Lo Yiyeh! Gush Katif CD--
Lipa Schmeltzer's Sunrise, Sunset (Oorah-The Shmorg)--
Eitan Katz's Sheva Yipol (Oorah-The Shmorg)--
Dudu Fisher's Lo Yarda Shechina (Odecha)--
Lipa Schmeltzer's Al Tishallel (A Poshiter Yid)--

There's nothing like waking up to a little Ohad, right?

Ohad's Hatav Hashmini (The 8th Note)--
Avraham Fried's Tov Lehodos (No Jew Will be Left Behind)--

At this point I got on a bus to go to the kid's Lag B'Omer parade thingie in Boro Park, and the DVD of HASC 18 was put on. The good news was that this kept the bus (relatively) free of conversation. The bad news was that I had to listen to HASC 18.

Yisroel Lamm and the Neginah Orchestra's Overture--
YBC's Adon Olam--
YBC's Kol Hamispallel (Melech Bialo!!)--
Shlomo Simcha's Yachad--
Shlomo Simcha and Rivie Schweibel's Habet--
Piamenta's Birkat Hamazon--
The Rabbi's Sons' Rabos Machshovos--
Sruli Williger's Ashreinu--
Sruli Williger's 18 Year Tribute--
Lipa Schmeltzer's Abi Meliebt--
Shwekey's Ben Bag Bag--
Shwekey's Ki Hatov--
Shwekey's Ribbono Shel Haolam--

It ends, I cleanse myself with...

Benny Friedman, Yitzy Spinner, and Yisroel Werdyger's Chasoif (Single)--
Lipa Schmeltzer's Umein (A Poshiter Yid)--
Lipa Schmeltzer's Carry On (A Poshiter Yid)--

At this point the bus arrived in Boro Park, and the excitement of the day began. I'm of the opinion that the only thing that matters at the end of the day is that the kids had fun and that they came away with a positive impression of Lubavitch. Did that happen? I'd like to think so.

The one complaint I heard at the end (besides for the lack of organization which is endemic to Jewish events) was that there were too many women wandering around pushing double carriages (side-by-side) and generally making Lubavitch look bad. I'm not sure exactly what anyone was supposed to do about this. If the women emancipate themselves from their section, then what is anyone supposed to do? It's not like there was a single-mingle problem here; the reason the women were there was to chase their children around. Still, I get that it wasn't ideal, but again, I'm not sure how the problem could be solved. Make announcements from the podium? Maybe. But asking mothers to watch their children run roughshod over the proletariat without having any ability to control them seems to me to be a bit much.
Anyway, here's some more music...

Lipa Schmeltzer's Uman Hey (The Next Project X)--
Marcus Brothers' Don't Forget (Brooklyn)--
Ken Burgess' The Hero (I'll Never Walk Alone in the Desert)--
Lipa Schmeltzer's Baruch Haba (Likro Et Hahallel)--

At this point was the briefest of interuptions for the afternoon services, in the basement of some shteibel on 18th Ave, followed by...

Yisroel Werdyger's Umeloch (Bayis Neeman B'Yisrael)--
Shloime Gertner's Im Ain Ani Li (Nisim)--

I knew it was too good too last. On goes Yaakov Shwekey Live In Ceasaria, and out goes that most American of ideals, free choice. Oh

Yochi Briskman's Shwekey Intro--
Shwekey sings Birshus--
Shwekey sings Hein Am--
Shwekey sings a Yitzy Waldner medley--

At this point I fell asleep and woke up outside the Newark airport, listening to Shwekey sing some song with the words Shefa Rav. I doubt I missed anything during my nap. Too bad I couldn't fall asleep for the next medley, the non-express (slow) Shwekey.

Shwekey's Halo Yodata--

I'll tell you one thing, this Shwekey DVD is certainly superior to the HASC one in it's production. The HASC is full of ridiculous fades and transitions that look positively homemade, while Shwekey's gives you the whole concert without computer graphics every thirty seconds. With this brilliant insight comes shkiah, and one of the OCD bochurim turns off the bus player. I try to not to obsess too much, so it's

Shloime Gertner's Yishoma (Nisim)--
Dudu Fisher's Haazina (L'Tav U'Lchaim)--
Dudu Fisher's Uvau Haovdim (L'Tav U'Lchaim)--

And thus endeth Lag B'Omer 5769. Now it's back to Kol Zimra and all that noise.


le7 said...

It just got so dark that I couldn't justify listening to real music anymore, so quietly I removed my headphones....

e said...

What about that once-you-start-you're-allowed-to-continue sevara? It works for weddings.

bonne said...


Just like a guy said...

le7: faced with the same dilemma, I ate a plate of mashed potatoes.

e: A wedding is a seudas mitzvah, it's a wedding, it's... listen, what do I know?

Sara: glad you thought so.