Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Stop! Don't think about it!

So there you are

walking down the road

waiting to ask

and again waiting to ask

and at the end of the night

you didn't ask

and you feel like a total dork

and you come home and listen to Lipa

and you feel less dumb

and then you feel even worse

because you know you're an idiot

but what can you do about it

and what's with the narcissism?

tomorrow is a brand new day

sure, that's what they say

but is it really true?

the experiences of yesterday

the choices we made

the paths we traveled

those are what guide us tomorrow

nay, they force us


whether you give in or fight back

there's no real point in arguing the matter

because at the end of the day

that has passed

or still is to pass

you know

things are good

because we've got a big G-d up there

even if you don't like him

which is neither here

nor there

because right now

tomorrow still hasn't arrived

and you know

it better work tomorrow

on a knee


or a bowl of tuna and noodles

whatever it is

that's what it will be

or what it was


but then again

tomorrow is a brand new day


bonne said...

Well don't screw up. Enjoy the tuna, it's delicious and nutritious.

Just like a guy said...

Especially in a casserole. Yum!

Anonymous said...

nice poem
why do we all do this genre
poems that dont rhyme?

Altie said...

i like it. says a lot about you. choices. decisions. mistakes. chances. thats what life is made up of. but yes, at the end of the day- there is a new day tomorrow. dont make the same mistake again.

Leo de Toot said...

Dear Mr. R.S.
If you didn't ask its because you're not ready - don't see it as a failure but rather giving expression to a deeper voice ...

Trying, as always, to listen intently, L de Toot.

C said...

hmmm... curious.

By "you" did you mean "me"?

What didn't you ask?

Mottel said...

Who'd ever think that TRS had a poetic side? Nice work. Chin up!
Tuna is gross though, unless it's Ahi or in Sushi, then it's yum!

Cheerio said...

this was GOOD.
good luck with today!

Cheerio said...

also, why is everyone fixated on the tuna? i'm going to think about the sunflowers...

Altie said...

also getting down on one knee. i like that part.

le7 said...

Hmm. Existential poetry with a deep meaning I can't begin to fathom.

Just like a guy said...

Anon: Because that way, they make sense.

Altie: Glad to hear.

LdT: What does Freud have to do with it?

C: Astute observation.

One day me may know.

Mottel: It's right next to the esophagus.

Cheerio: Yes, this sort of thing is right up your alley, ain't it?

Because you can eat tuna (unless you're pregnant). You can't eat sunflowers (unless you're pregnant).

Altie: We aim to please.

le7: As Sara would have it, SOL (snort out loud).

e said...

TRS, i'll join the chorus of well wishers and hope for better success tonight. we're rooting for you!! #ldt shtech!! but that's beating a dead horse. so forget about it.

e said...


Just like a guy said...