Sunday, August 3, 2008

Nice to see...

It's relatively early Sunday morning, and though I have nothing brilliantly original to post, I thought I'd transcribe some of the comments that have appeared on my posts at Here are a few from "Wolf's Story".

Regarding Wolf's comment, "Where was Gd in the camps?" I would suggest you show him the writings of Rabbi Tzvi Freeman on the Holocaust, featured in cyberspace at The classic response, as noted by people such as Rabbi A.J. Heschel, is of course, "Where was Man?" Where were all of those 20th century supposedly cultured and civilized intellectuals while humans were being gassed and burnt? However, Tzvi Freeman also notes several miracles that Gd caused to occur: The Germans did not develop the atomic bomb, in spite of their vast scientific resources; the Germans lost the battle of El Alamein, sparing the Jews of the Old Yishuv in former Palestine; and despite all of the Nazis' determined efforts to exterminate us completely off the face of the earth, we survived to rebuild.
Posted By Judy Resnick, Far Rockaway, NY

TRS: Yeah, guess so. Still, Tzvi's argument strikes me as being rather pathetic. Yasher Koach, G-d only killed six million, not ten or twelve. That's little comfort. Whenever this question comes up, I explain what I heard from Rabbi Mottel Friedman, who said that the Rebbe said, "There is a reason, because everything has a reason. Nevertheless, only Hashem knows this reason. I don't even want to know the reason. I don't want to ever be able to rationalize Jewish suffering."

Where was G-d? Where He has always been? Anywhere the heart is open for Him. Funny how we view death differently. It seems. G-d is always with us whether we want one last view of the moon for our prayers or we walk away from a death camp.

Posted By Elizabeth Brodofsky, Marietta, GA/USA

TRS: Yup.

What an interesting and well written article. Thank you.
Posted By Anonymous, Minnetonka, MN

TRS: Good to see some fans from the hometown. You are of course quite welcome.

The next comment comes from our very own Leo de Toot, writing from beautiful Brooklyn, NY:

When I read about what you young men (recently minted and soon-to-be ordained rabbis) do, it never ceases to amaze me. I may grow bored of the MTA, but I shall never bore of reading of your escapades.

After that we had CM, and once again it was quite sweet:

I really enjoy reading your writing. Your experiences are fascinating and inspiring and your writing is entertaining and involving. Thank you for both and much success!

TRS: Thanks everybody, and remember, the nine days aren't necessarily supposed to be enjoyable.


YochananG Aust said...

this post reminds me of the story, that is told from the USSR. were a teacher took his students on a trip to the zoo and showed the children many different sorts of animals. at the end of the long day the teacher asked the kids how do you know that the lion exists? He continued to answer since you are able to see it therefor the lion exists while G-D you can't see so Obviously he doesn't exist at that point one of the kids pipes up and asks can anyone see the teachers brain? No so then Obviously his brain doesn't exist

PS. how often do i need to be reminded it's the nine days

e said...

That was not from LDT. On I'm a little hesitant to leave my own name, so I impersonated LDT. My apologies

Just like a guy said...

Still, you nailed down the style pretty well.