Sunday, December 7, 2008

Diet TRS

It was cold in 770 today. It was so cold that I was glad I was wearing my coat. Then, as I was Davening Mincha, it started getting hot. So that was nice.

In other news, it's ridiculously late, and I have to catch a ride back to Morristown in a couple hours. So please excuse me if this is all I post for now. Go satisfy yourself with yesterday's post, which apparently no one bothered to read.

Oh yeah, and one more thing: Last week I meant to cut my nails, but I was on Long Island and my nail clippers were in Morristown. Fine. This week, I brought them to Crown Heights. I thought about cutting them whilst in the Mikveh. I had half an hour before candle lighting during which I did nothing. Of course, I forgot to cut them. Dang.


le7 said...

What was the point of this post?

Just like a guy said...

Who says there has to be a point?

Cheerio said...

there doesn't have to be one. it's trs. no expectations.
dude. cut your nails now. why wait all week?
also - it snowed in ch last night. for some reason, this was deemed a news item on and there were 20 COMMENTS!!!
talk about no point....

Just like a guy said...

You will be very proud of me Cheerio. I cut them this afternoon.
And yes, is notorious for their non-news news.

Nemo said...

Yeah, like fender benders, fires and Shomrim apprehending shoplifter who get freed immediately by the NYPD who go ahead and arrest the Shomrim guys.

Just like a guy said...

Yeah it's always fun when that happens.

le7 said...

Cheerio - that doesn't even sound so far off form regular Milwaukee news. (On the err TeeVee that is).

The last few years, weather has become high drama coverage.

"Now let's go to Vince Condelli in the field."

"Oh man its coming down! Look its snowing! Water is actually freezing and falling on the ground leaving this white stuff all over! Its taking over the city! WOAH here comes some more! Its just falling from the sky! Drivers actually have to, slow down! Because its snowing out there folks!"

This goes on all winter long without fail.