Friday, June 12, 2009

4 AM Poetry

So there you are

at the farbrengen

patronizingly helping that bochur out

or making him think you're helping him out

or even convincing yourself you've helped him out

but have you helped him out?

who knows?

who cares?

oh look, they brought out soda-pass it here white boy!
You know

if you somehow corralled all the cows in the world

into a pen

not too big

just right for them

they'd still

have emotional issues
beer is not

a solution to life's problems

but sometimes

it's a good substitute
Tuesdays have been better

but I wouldn't bet

on them being much better


Altie said...

very nice, i see farbrengins make u contimplate very deeply.

bonne said...

I used to call my brother "white boy" all the time. He would always say I was gonna get myself shot for it, ch"v. I still don't see why.

Just like a guy said...

Altie: Yup.

Sara: Maybe he was Michael Jackson-esque?

e said...

TRS's poetry
is often prose
split into separate lines
but that does give it
a nice effect.

Just like a guy said...

I suppose I'll take whatever faint praise I can get.