Saturday, June 27, 2009

Kosher Cooking Carnival #43: The S. S. Mein Kind Edition

Hey there folks! Do you know what time it is? It's time for the 43rd edition of the Kosher Cooking Carnival! Woohoo! The KCC was founded by Batya of Me-Ander and is run by her too, which means that if you want to host a KCC in the future all that's needed is to drop her a line. Here are the previous 42 editions, please enjoy them as much as you enjoy this edition (which is to say, immensely).

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And now... on with the show! The food! Whatever.

(Just) Desserts

(I'm a big believer in eating dessert first)

Ilana-Davita presents Red Summer Dessert posted at Ilana-Davita. I was going to make a joke about hunting for this (Red October?), but I couldn't come up with one. Oh well.

Nitzana Nissan presents Cherry with a Twist posted at Lost Star of David. L'fum tzaara agra, right?

Anything Kosher!

shorty presents Carb free (gluten free!) Sushi "Salad" posted at What's for Shabbos. Sounds healthy. And yummy. And healthy. Yup.

Diet Food

muse presents Delicious Kosher Restaurant Diet Meals posted at me-ander. I always thought the whole point of a diet was that when you went to NY you were able to pig out.

Every Day Meals

Devo K presents Mexican Casserole posted at In the middle, on the right. My sister made something like this for Shavuos. Everyone said it was delicious.

Nitzana presents Summer Gazpacho posted at Lost Star of David. True story: My mom ordered gazpacho on a date with my dad. My dad, being a true gentleman, also did. When it arrived my father took a spoon and started blowing on it. After a couple of puffs he tasted it... he couldn't believe it had cooled down so quickly!

Sahara Reins presents How to Make Hard Boiled Eggs posted at Fowl Visions. Another true story: The mashpia of Tomchei Tmimim Brunoy was also the cook, and he was once directed by the Rebbe to make the food taste better. He wasn't very in touch with the world, but he was a big chassid, so he decided to make the food taste better. He knew that the bochurim also complained that his hard-boiled eggs were hard, so he resolved to make them softer. The next morning he woke early and put the eggs on for an additional ten minutes...

Ilana-Davita presents Quick Tomato Pie posted at Ilana-Davita. If I ate this my mother would be very proud. And my sisters. And my kallah. Come to think of it, who wouldn't be very proud of me? Me!

Leora Wenger presents Tomato Sauce Alternative posted at Here in HP. But can you use this for pizza?

Jewish Holiday Food

mominisrael presents 7-Minute Low-Fat Microwave Cheesecake posted at A Mother in Israel. Who doesn't like cheesecake?

Yoav B presents Food and Detention posted at Israeli Soldier's LIFE & THOUGHTS, saying, "Detention in base during the Shavuot holiday... Not seeing home and eating milky food- what could possibly be worse?" In case you're wondering, it's a Mitzvah D'oraisa to eat meat.

Restaurant or Cookbook Reviews

Batya presents Stretching Out The Big 6 posted at me-ander. I didn't know you could turn sixty more than once.

Watch Me Eat
presents Watch Me Eat: Ben's Deli in Boca Raton posted at Watch Me Eat, saying, "Eating at a Kosher restaurant in Boca Raton, FL called Ben's Deli." The last paragraph was a shocker.

Traditional Food

Leora Wenger presents Tabouli with Orange posted at Here in HP. Since when was tabouli traditional? But anyway, this looks very delicious.

Miscellaneous Shtuff

vegefood presents Spicy Chicken with Green Chillies | Vegetarian Culinary Recipes posted at Vegetarian Culinary, saying, "Great vegetarian culinary recipe for spicy chicken with the delicious green chillies. Mmm!" What I don't get is, how do you have chicken that's vegetarian? Maybe I'm just slow or something.

NerdMom presents Ancient Gingerbread posted at Nerd Family Food. Random fact: I used to be famous for my gingerbread men.

Mrs. S. presents Who you callin’ chicken? posted at Our Shiputzim: A Work In Progress. Umm...tastes like chicken.

Ariel Ben Yochanan presents Make your own bread! posted at The Torah Revolution. Obviously we have different definitions of the word "easy."

TRS (that would be me) presents Siman 69, Halacha 19, posted at The Real Shliach. In case you wanted to know about that red shtuff coming out of your chicken.

Well folks, that's it. I hope you've enjoyed your time here on the TRS blog, and remember, food is always good. Submit your blog article to the next edition of kosher cooking carnival using our carnival submission form.


Anonymous said...

Yummy recipes. BTW-many decades later your dad’s culinary savvy remains unchanged! No one else I know orders breakfast irrespective of the time of day, lunch or supper (especially supper); or class of restaurant (Bagel Bar or 5 star). Remaining the true gentleman that he has always been, I have not had the heart to tell him that this is not the “done thing” – perhaps you can.
Cape Town Fan

Leora said...

Beet and Yam on pizza? That would be a stretch; don't think it would work, at least not for me.

Thanks for a great KCC. Hope you and others will visit JPIX for some pictorial fun.

Mrs. S. said...

Once, when we hosted sheva brachot together with a few other couples, one of the guests quietly whispered to me that something must be wrong with the oven, because the appetizer (i.e. the gazpacho) was cold...

Anyway, great job, and thanks for the link!

le7 said...

I love ordering breakfast any time of the day.

belch said...

i know you havent blogged about this, but im sure you will. you look like u really enjoyed the shechita of that innocent calf. btw, what did u do with the calf after?

Just like a guy said...

CTF: But that why we like him so much!

Leora: Well, maybe for those who are opposed to night shades.

Mrs. S: This is the Spanish Inquisition!

le7: Welcome to the family.

belch: I really enjoyed it? I mean, I could barely see anything, but yeah, it was cool to see a shechting. The word "enjoy," however, might be a bit strong in this context.

re: calf: The Kosher part was taken home by R. Zirkind, and the non-Kosher by one of the Mexicans.

Batya said...

Absolutely great!!

Thanks, what a treat! A Really Great Day For JBlog Carnivals!!

Anonymous said...

Me too - he's just the best! So here's to "breakfast for dinner" in NY when Im there in two weeks. LE7 I do hope you will be visiting then so that I'll get my wish to meet you.

bonne said...

Mm, tasty. But I think I'll stick to coffee...

Just like a guy said...

Lo al coffee livad yichieh ha'adam

Yitzchak said...

"the nonkosher part by one of the mexicans"

along with a number of kosher parts, some of which are very tasty, which went to said Mexican family instead of Rabbi Zirkind because nobody bothers with nikkar in this country.

e said...

What a shame! You just missed doing edition number 42!

Just like a guy said...

Modeh: well, until nikkar has been done they're not kosher.

e: tragic, eh?

Nitzana said...

Great recipes! Thanks for picking mine too!

Lady-Light said...

I'm getting hungry just reading the titles (so I shouldn't go food shopping now, eh?)
Just submitted my article to the next KCC.
Hey, and who said that "lo al kafe levad yichyeh ha-adam?" Not true, especially if it's Kafe hafuch.
Happy eating.