Monday, October 29, 2007


And the truth comes out, as I always knew it would. We have discovered the identity of "Shillibeer." Joy rains down from on high. He was the guy who invented cars, or something like that. A Mason too. Look it up on Wiki.
So I started off wanting to write about the dangers of extremism, but then I realized that I'd be a terrible person to write about this, because I am a bit of an extremist. So what else to write about? How about Judaism. That's a topic that exhausts itself of opportunity's. Does there need to be an apostrophe over there? Probably not. But Google thinks there should be, and who am I to argue with the people who make this very blog possible?
So onward and upward to the Judaism. In today's Maamar (L'maan Daas, Kuntresim Aleph), (The Royal) we began to discuss how people could possibly abandon the eternal truth of Torah for the temporal delights of this, our physical existence. And once again, the answer rings out, through the streets of Shanghai, the temples of Timbuktu, the courts of Kazakhstan, the McDonalds of Middle America, that fault once again lies at the feet of the notorious villain and noted cigar afficiando, the YH.
Wouldn't it be nice to go through life with a soundtrack? That's why movies are better than reality, because of the score pulsating through the scenes. Plus a stenographer. Every really important guy has a stenographer writing down every one of his precious words, right? When I get rich, I'll have a stenographer and a Symphony Orchestra. Preferably the New York Philharmonic, though I'll take the San Fransisco in a pinch.
Point is, well, really, I haven't yet finished the Maamar, so there really is no point to speak of. Cheerio.