Thursday, October 11, 2007

Can you believe it?

For all who read yesterday's blog, good job, and the following will make sense. Otherwise, go back and read it, for your own good. I started learning a Maamar this morning, from Kuntreisim Aleph, Karov Hashem Lichol Korav, and it started talking about the Egyptian exile, and why it was so terrible for the Jews. There are two reasons. The first, and this is the one I'll be harping on now, so pay attention, is that the Jews suffered so much because Egyptians are simply nasty people to be around, utterly classless, no morals, deodorant, anything, and therefore the Jews suffered, just hanging around creeps like that. Is this not incredible? All right, so the Egyptians of that time are not the same as we have now, but they're still pretty similar.
The second answer, if you're interested, is that the Jews slave labor was not fulfilling; they felt no accomplishment with their work. That's because they were building on swamps, and the stuff vanished every night overnight. That's a basic explanation. For a more detailed one you can feel free to email me. Or you could feel free to do whatever you want. It's your feelings, not mine.