Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Today we went fishing. There are two ways that I could write about this. The first is to use adjectives like there's no tomorrow. I wouldn't enjoy that. I'm too lazy. I could just lay out the bare facts, and this is what I'll probably end up doing. But it's inadequate, and rarely does justice. While we went fishing I nearly caught a fish. But it didn't want to stay on the bait. Two hours later My fishing-partner caught a nice-sized bass. Two minutes later an old man in a Minnesota Vikings cap pulled up beside us and offered us a Northern Pike. We accepted. Tonight we grilled the fish. Yum. It's also now 3:38. In the morning. Asinine, eh? Tomorrow, which appears to have come, looms in the present. My rambling slowly takes a more intelligent air, and I drift off on the waves of stuff, evermore lost to something or other.
Charmed, I'm sure.


le7 said...

OMG I want some fish. Can you catch some fish and can we grill it? Who was your fishing partner?

Just like a guy said...

I would love to catch a fish and grill it with you! Come on over!

My brother in law.