Monday, October 22, 2007


What is it about good weather that makes people happy? If I remember correctly I wrote about this once before, but I may as well do it again, because who knows when we'll see the sun again? All right, so I'm the only one actually seeing light, but that's hardly the point.
What I'm trying to say (write) is that I finally understand why the primitive peoples would worship our own local star. Think about it; after it rains for two weeks, and suddenly, joy! The sun! If you were a primitive cave person, wouldn't you prostrate yourself?
Now serving gold I don't get. Wouldn't you rather spend it? Maybe not. There is something intensely satisfying about a wallet full of Ben Franklins. Now a wallet full of bullion, that could be an issue.
And so, until next time, forever yours,
The Real Shliach.
(How melodramatic)


Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Shliach!
ya a wallet full of Ben Franklin is great but you need to be able to enjoy it....HEALTH IS MORE VALUEBLE.......

Anonymous said...

So when you say 'forever yours' is that a commitment? Like a promise?