Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The veins

Some people take things very personally. I try to avoid this kind of behavior, because it inevitably leads to disappointment and increased girth, not to mention you get written up in smarmy blogs like this one. Oh, stam, if you click on the link below to find info on 8th Day, you'll discover that there is actually a Goyish band by the same name. I am not listening to them.
Back to the original topic, (how difficult it is not to tangentalise [Google doesn't like this word])I was affected by a recent Maamar that I just completed. The Yetzer Hora, the evil inclination, the angel of death (as the Talmud says) is intent on causing the downfall of man, leading him from the trodden path of Torah and good deeds, and bringing him into the ditch of iniquity, sin, and eventually death, whether spiritual or physical (which is why they call him the angel of death). Now this inclination dude is variously described as being a doddering old king, and sometimes a brilliant young nuclear physicist at Lawrence Livermore National Library who somehow got mixed up with the young crowd, irradiated himself with (what else?) nuclear radiation, and is now The Yetzer Hora. Regardless, he has two ways of causing man to sin. The first, which is superior, is when the guy sins, and feels incredibly guilty, repents, and leads an irreproachable life for the rest of his days. How beautiful.
Alternatively, the Yetzer Hora convinces man that what he's doing is really fine, and then there's no knowing what will occur. "Hey," our local friendly sinner says, "not only am I your local friendly sinner, but I'm not sinning! I have an excuse for everything!" This guy is basically all of us.
The solution? Get a spiritual adviser, or start gaining girth. Nothing like chocolate-chip cookies to increase spiritually and physically, right? Of course, I'm only kidding. About one of these two options anyway. As Fox says, you decide.
Oh, and by the way, do to the insistence of the almighty editor, the source for all the above genius is a Sefer called Kuntreisim Aleph, Maamar Ki Karov, by the Previous Lubavitcher Rebbe. He says thank you.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. The Real,
Fascinating for a number of reasons but also because you have tapped into one of the great themes of the early comic books i.e. the scientist/librarian/news reporter etc. who is somehow affected by a natural force e.g. spider bite, radioactivity, lightning, and thereafter obtains unique powers. This all speaks to the fact that most of the early comic book writers were Jewish and, growing up in the 30s and 40s they must have been influenced by their parents and grandparents who were the product of a more observant culture. Even though that generation rejected observance it is clear that the influences remained. If you ever get to watch the first Startrek series you will see that many of these "religious" issues and conflicts were the basis of the story. Not for nothing did Mr. Spock use the hand sign of the priests. The Yetzer Hora as the "Shadow!" Who would have thought it!!! L.D.

Anonymous said...

The previous post seems very well written. Maybe by a professional writer.Very nice.
As far as the fresh kishka is concerned, when rifles fall silent and tanks cease to roll, the victor will then be the soul.
Plagiarism. A thing of beauty.
Sincerely yours,