Monday, October 8, 2007

Jewish Enviromentalism?

In yesterday's portion of Chumash Rashi comments that the first floor of Noah's Ark was reserved for Zevel, garbage. This got me thinking. The first floor is the biggest floor. Where was the food stored? With the animals? Unlikely. With the people? Must be. But why do you need the whole bottom for garbage? Why not just throw it off the ship? What are we, a bunch of enviro nutcases? Besides, it would all get washed away anyway. Heck, it was organic material! Besides, what happened to it all exactly after the flood?
A local Friedman suggested that they couldn't throw anything off the boat, even if they had wanted to. Makes sense. Could be great for a "green" campaign about how we can't throw garbage off earth, our own personal ark.
What is this, have I become Al Gore or something? I'll never live this down at the Junior Republican's League.
In other news, Israel wants to give back Jerusalem. Idiots. 'Nuff said.


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