Monday, October 15, 2007

Thoughts on peace

I wasn't even planning on posting tonight, but I saw something so incredible and amazing and utterly redundant, not to mention tautological, that I just had to post. Israel returned the bodies of two Hamas terrorists, plus an ill one, for the body of a Jewish guy who had drowned and ended up in Lebanon. First of all, where exactly do they keep all these bodies? Is there some giant freezer under the Knesset filled with dead terrorists. Or perhaps are live ones brought there and then they slowly freeze to death, suffering inhumane and indescribable agonies as their lives are slowly sucked out from their evil selves? Either way, this just goes to show you how incredible Israel is. Well, not Israel, the Jews. What other nation would give up a live terrorist, a person who is fully capable (um...) of killing even more Jews, for the body of some unfortunate dudeski. Sorry, Judeski. Point is, we're a bunch of nice guys, which is exactly why we'll never win this war. Until Moshiach comes, anyway.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. The Real:

Regarding your "thoughts on peace" - you raise an interesting point and an age old question on the waging of war: should I treat my enemy as my enemy treats me? Remember how a gang of palestinians attacked and physically ripped apart some soldiers who got lost and accidently wandered into their area? And then they waved their bloody hands at the media. While we, and most civilized people, could never do that, the quesion remains - where is the line between our morality and their evil?

Just wondering. L.D.